First Blog, Southern roots, Photography, Memories

I was born and raised in the South during an era when times were very different from today.  I remember racial and gender inequality.  I  haven’t forgotten cowering in the school hallways during the Cuban missile crisis or  fetching a switch from the yard for my Mama to use on me for some infraction or another.   I recall playing kickball and hopscotch and  I remember hiding in the living room when I was eleven, waiting to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus delivering my much-coveted first bicycle and BELIEVING.  I often think about the weekends I spent visiting with my grandmother who cooked the best biscuits and white beans.  If she had any extra money, she would give us change to go to the corner grocery store to buy candy or comic books and, once, a quarter to buy a record—Louie, Louie—that I listened to over and over, fast and slow, frontwards and backwards to figure out what they were saying. ( I didn’t figure out what that word meant until I was eighteen, but I had to fetch a switch once for saying it within my Mama’s radar!)   My grandfather drove a horse-drawn wagon around the neighborhood selling fresh produce and spreading  local news and  gossip.  He died when I was young and I never knew him well although I have a few pictures of him standing stiffly  with snuff juice on his chin.  He was a true southern country boy.

Because of my birthplace and rebel-leaning ancestors, I guess I  am a real southerner also.  I love being in the sun and am an avid gardener, have a good eye for landscape design (a subject for another blog,) and am a boat owner—a pontoon boat.  That makes me an occasional captain, doesn’t it, even though I am very likely to hit the dock HARD when I try to dock that big floating escape from real life.  But, that’s a blog on the list for another day also.

On days when I can’t escape from reality and lose myself in my hobbies and family, I still work.  Nursing—more specifically, pediatric nursing, is what I do for my livelihood.   Rewarding doesn’t even begin to describe what it feels like to be able to spend your career helping to heal,  bundling tiny premies, playing with a sick toddler or trying to reason with a scared teenager.  Needless to say, I am certain that I made a good career choice for myself.  Besides, becoming a nurse was always my goal in life.  When I was in elementary school, two of my friends and I wrote and illustrated a novel entitled “We Three Nurses.”  LOL!!!   I believe my childhood best friend still has the first edition copy of that great American novel.   One of these days, I want to go see that book and see my friend again too.

My newest best friend is my husband.  Marriage came into my life later than for most.  My husband is handsome and loving and is great at housework and laundry and managing finances which is wonderful for me because I am not particularly good at any of those things.  Plumbing, laying tile,  gardening, and painting appeal to me much more.  My husband married me because I knew how to do plumbing and he owned an old house!  That’s what he says, anyway…..

As I said, anyway…I also collect clocks and birds and colored glass bottles.  I took a master gardener course once and have attempted faux painting a few times.  I make jewelry—cheap pretty stuff that I mostly give away as gifts.  I basically  know how to mat and frame pictures, am an avid reader, have an acquired love for the New York Yankees  (did I mention that my husband is a YANKEE?) and love to watch and try to understand news and politics (I am a democrat.)  Since I am nearly-old, I have had a lot of years to learn about a variety of subjects, but, by far, my favorite most fulfilling passion has always been photography and, lately, digital manipulation of my images with  Photoshop  (CS4.)  And, now, this blogging business will undoubtedly be an exciting new direction for me.  My writing skills are not well-developed but persistence and a strong desire to succeed will hopefully help.  I look forward to getting started.

Neil Young—one of my favorite artists—sang

“One of these days, I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter

To all the good friends I’ve known

One of these days, and it won’t be long.”

I guess now is as good a time as any to get started….I should do more than write…,,,,…..I AM nearly-old.

About dhutch729

My first blog tells a lot about me. As it says, I've been around awhile and know a little bit about a lot of stuff. My passion in life is photography and photoshop and hope to always be learning and getting better at those things. I have a lot of hobbies and love to write, so blogging will be easy and fun. I look forward to learning this media and reading a lot of peoples blogs!
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3 Responses to First Blog, Southern roots, Photography, Memories

  1. Judy A. Jenkins says:

    Loved reading about your life! Sorry you were sick today (: At least it kept you from driving home in snow!

  2. littlemillie says:

    Great start. i love the picture. Sorry we didn’t get together this week. Hope you got some good snow pics. I got a few but I am still not recovered enough to do a lot of walking in the snow. I have a busy week ahead and a women’s retreate at my chuch next weekend. I think that wordpress is hard to use. I tried it several times but it just seemed too difficult to get it to do what I wanted. I have also used blogger in the past and it was OK. I wanted something that would not limit the amount of pictures I put up and let me put them up like I wanted. Last year I started using weebly for work and I really liked it so i created a personal account and an very pleased. I think it is easier. It also lets you have a blog and a web page on the same address.

  3. jwdwrites says:

    Hi D, wanted to let you know I liked your ‘Beyond’ but I couldn’t find the button so I have said it instead.

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