Cades Cove (formerly Kade’s Cove) in the Smoky Mountains


It was an overcast, occasionally rainy and slightly cool day.  The goal was to take a few good photos, enjoy some “together” time and, for me, to listen to his treasure-trove of information on the Cove and its history.  Come along and enjoy the day with us…..



These cut logs were used as beehives–called Gum Stands.

cades-cove-cabin-1  This was the Oliver cabin.  They were the first settlers in the cove other than Native Americans.

deer-in-cades-cove Lots of deer and wildlife live in the cove.  They are very comfortable with the tourists as you can see!

HIDE-STRETCHER DRYER  These pieces of wood were used to stretch and dry skins.

WATER-WHEEL-CADES-COVEThis water wheel and mill are still open during part of the year for visitors. cades-cove-side-of-cabin

CANTILEVERED-BARN-CADES-COVThis is an example of a cantilevered barn found in Cades Cove

CHURCH-CADES-COVEThis is the Baptist church in the cove.

MILL-HOUSE-CADES-COVECable Mill BarnBROKEN-WAGON-CADES-COVE Picturesque broken-down wagon near the mill.


water-wheelOld Water Wheel

Water Wheels used  to grind the corn–laying on the ground near the milll for people to rest on

fireplace-cades-coveFireplace in the Gregg house


another lovely old barn

inside-the-baptist-churchInside the primitive Baptist Church

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3 Responses to Cades Cove (formerly Kade’s Cove) in the Smoky Mountains

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Wow! The images are amazing. I get a real sense of history along with a fantastic look at some great architecture. I love the canitlevered barn. Wowza.

  2. segmation says:

    I love this place. Thanks for writing about this in your blog! Did you get to go to Gatlinburg as well?

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. These are wonderful photos, Cades Cove looks beautiful! I enjoyed looking at your blog and I look forward to more posts!

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