I have been telling this joke for 35 years! Don’t know any others…..


A couple of really dumb guys from another country who had just moved to the US of A went, for the first time, to a baseball game.  They were running late and had not had anything to eat so they were HUNGRY!  They noticed there were guys going around, shouting, “GET YOUR DOGS HERE…..HOT DOGS!!!!”  They looked at each other,  shrugged  and said, “In America, they eat dogs…man’s best friend….”   But, in time, they became so hungry that they decided to be brave and eat a dog.  So, one of them leaned forward, held up two fingers and shouted, “Two Dogs, please!”  The dogs were passed down the row until the hungry guys each got one and gingerly opened them up.  The first one looked at the second guy and in a scandalized tone, whispered…….”What part did you get?”

About dhutch729

My first blog tells a lot about me. As it says, I've been around awhile and know a little bit about a lot of stuff. My passion in life is photography and photoshop and hope to always be learning and getting better at those things. I have a lot of hobbies and love to write, so blogging will be easy and fun. I look forward to learning this media and reading a lot of peoples blogs!
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2 Responses to I have been telling this joke for 35 years! Don’t know any others…..

  1. Funny..really funny! I enjoyed that and I’m running out to the Grouch and try and cheer him up with this!

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