Trip to the Aquarium….Weird Fish Photos!

I took these pictures at the same time that I took “The Seahorse and the Boy’s Shiny Teeth” which I posted in a previous blog.  That was my favorite picture of the bunch, but all of the fish pictures were fun for me to process.  So, I thought I would post the rest of them for you to see.  What do you think?

sword-fish-webThe face is priceless!

shark-for-webLooks ominous to me….



octopus-for-webThis octopus wants out!


Had to put the boy and seahorse back in….I LOVE the seahorse’s fascination with the little boy’s teeth!

crabs-at-aquariumIs this a crab?  lots of legs here….


Look at its expression in his eyes.  This fish looks like it has peed on the floor and KNOWS it.

About dhutch729

My first blog tells a lot about me. As it says, I've been around awhile and know a little bit about a lot of stuff. My passion in life is photography and photoshop and hope to always be learning and getting better at those things. I have a lot of hobbies and love to write, so blogging will be easy and fun. I look forward to learning this media and reading a lot of peoples blogs!
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